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The beautiful Limonaie at lake Garda

The beautiful Limonaie at lake Garda

A beautifully stunning area in Italy is between Limone sul Garda and Gargnano where some beautiful Limonaie can be seen along the banks of Lake Garda area. Limonaie is often referred to as the Lemon Town. Here you will be able to see the spectacular and ancient buildings with lemons. Nestled among the ancient houses can be seen a few remaining lemons that grow from the ancient lattice structures, as well as some olive trees.

What can be observed of the Limonaie are tall, dominating pillars, that reach towards the bright blue sky. They stand together in a row, enclosed on either side and behind by a tall white wall. These houses are steeped in a rich, cultural history, offering visitors a chance to glimpse the historic greenhouses that once housed beautiful lemon trees. This part of Italy was the most northern part in the world to grow lemons. Today these ancient houses almost appear temple like in their appearance.

As well as being the perfect place to unwind and relax, you must visit the abandoned area of Limonaie, and take a few hours to explore these ancient greenhouses and to visualise what they would have looked like back in their glory days.

‚ÄčNearby ancient gardens also include those of Limonaia del Castel in Limone sul Garda , which are well worth a visit. A well preserved lemon terrace that you can also visit, is that of Limonaia Prà de la Fam in Tignale, that also has a small museum attached to the terrace.