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Riva del Garda โ€“ a throbbing hub for tourists

Riva del Garda โ€“ a throbbing hub for tourists

Situated at the edge of Lake Garda, one of northern Italy’s popular lakes, Riva del Garda – also known by the Romans as Benacus – is a town worth adding your bucket list. It is rich in history, has an amazing climate and rising mountains that will take your breath away. The bustling town restfully sits on a plain at the shore with a fortress highlighting the lakefront. The cobbled narrow passages and ancient architecture still tell of an old town dating back over a century ago. Being a contested fiefdom by various powers like the Trent, Venetians, and the Visconti to name a few, it has somehow preserved an exclusive autonomy.

Riva del Garda offers many places to explore and a plethora of activities you can indulge yourself in. Far from the magnetic historical sites, the natural scenery and its surroundings are a beauty to behold. Regardless of who you are, and adult, newlyweds on a honeymoon, the young or even the older generation, there is everything to accommodate your desire. From Italian cuisines, wine, and shopping, you will never fall short of anything. The camp sites, swimming pools, and theme parks complete a perfect family vacation. Whichever the case, you should visit:

  • Rocca

It is a fortress that was established by the Scaligeri from Verona featuring quadrangular designs and towers with an angular design. If you are a book or an art lover, Rocca’s Civic Library and Museum will fulfil your desires.

  • The Port

Next, you can explore the ports of Lake Garda and the area surrounding Riva del Garda. The buildings have unique pastel architectural designs. Notably, you won’t miss noticing the remnants of ancient forts established to safeguard the port centuries ago. The clocktower of Apponale offers a panoramic view of the best spots in the town.

  • The Palazzo Pretorio and the Palazzo Vecchio

The two hosts a medieval culture still visible from their Venetian architecture. From the Palazzo Pretorio and the Palazzo Vecchio, make your way to Piazza San Rocco, which also plays host to ancient palaces, monuments, tombstones, and other old as well as contemporary structures.

  • The Old Town

Known as the Città Vecchia, this is the cultural part of Riva del Garda where you can experience life in the baroque palaces. Meanwhile, as you make your way through the old streets, don’t forget to have a lingering view of the churches around, including Della Disciplina, the Assuntas Church, the Chiesa dell Inviolata church, the San Michele fuori le mura. They will give you a feeling of how religion was before it evolved.