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A magic day in Torbole sul Garda

A magic day in Torbole sul Garda

Torbole sul Garda is a pretty little village nestled on the northern shores of Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake. While Torbole may be less well known than some of the other towns dotted around the lake, it has lots to offer visitors and is truly a hidden gem.

For those looking for action packed days, the lake provides perfect conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing and beginners can organise lessons and rent equipment in Torbole. If you're seeking a more extreme adventure, experience the thrill of canyoneering and launch yourself from the top of rock formations formed over thousands of years into the crystal clear waters below.

If you prefer land-based activities, Torbole sul Garda offers some beautiful trails that can be walked in a few hours, including the popular "Busatte" panoramic trail from Torbole to Tempesta. This trail features several metal staircases clinging precariously to the rockface, and offers spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

While Torbole certainly has more than its fair share of natural attributes, it also offers a smattering of interesting architecture and historical sites.

In the harbor area the well preserved "Vecchia Dogana" (Custom House) , built in the 18th century as headquarters for the Austrian customs service, is well worth a visit as is the charming Saint Andrea church, dedicated to the patron saint of fishing.

All this outdoor activity will certainly work up an appetite and Torbole can satisfy your gastronomic desires with a vast number of cafes and restaurants, ranging from fine dining to cheap pizzerias. Many of the restaurants offer beautiful views of Lake Garda and provide a perfect resting spot for weary bodies after a day of activity.

​If you're planning a trip to lake Garda, I strongly recommend you include Torbole sul Garda on your itinerary, you won't be disappointed.