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The town Torri del Benaco

The town Torri del Benaco

This article offers a description of the town of Torri del Benaco, a small town of just over 3,000 inhabitants in the region of Veneto and in the province of Verona,  on the shore of Lake Garda. We give you an idea of what is on offer on a day out in the beautiful Torri del Benaco. The attractions on offer to visitors of the town are many and varied, and there is something for every taste.

For fans of architecture and history, there are medieval walls, towers and churches, the oldest being San Marco, which dates back to the 7th Century, then San Gregorio and Holy Trinity, 12th and 15th Century. There are also two 18th Century Churches, a clock tower dating back to the 14th Century, and a Castle, also 14th Century, which contains a museum of local ways of life.

You find also ancient engravings. Through the local district there are sites where glacier-worn rocks have been engraved with ancient engravings, historic graffiti, which may be of interest to visit.

There is also a nearby cave and tunnel formation, rich in stalactites and stalagmites, this is at La Tanella Cave.

The beautiful Lake Garda and Dolomites are ideal for hikes and walks during a day in Torri del Benaco, unmissable in fact, you wouldn't want to spend time in this town without appreciating the stunning scenery or enjoying a walk in it, or if you are a watersports enthusiast, every kind of water based activity is available, including scenic boat tours, water-skiing and sailing. The area is known for the production of olives and wine, and there is also a weekly market (every Monday morning) with fresh local produce.

There are various local cultural events that are fun for visitors to watch or take part in.