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Trento and its rich culture and history

Trento and its rich culture and history

Trento is a city on the edge of Adige River. It is the capital city of Trentino and it has a population of 117,000. Trento city during ancient history had an enormous involvement with the Roman Empire. Due to this relationship, the city has an overabundance of historical structures, host of excellent galleries and museums. For a day of fun and tour here are some beautiful spots to visit while in Trento.

1. Castello del Buonconsiligio
It is a spectacular castle that served as a home for prince-bishops who ruled over Trento in the 13th century. Because of its old age, the castle contains several additional design elements that are different from its original design. It has a series of striking crenulated walls. The main feature of this castle is the round tower, which dominates the horizon.

2. Museum of Aeronautics
Other than existing historical structures, Trento also has breathtaking museums. One such institution is the Museum of Aeronautics, dedicated to Gianni Caproni. For aeroplane lovers, this museum contains a collection of aeroplanes from various historical periods. Each plane is well kept and has thorough information about its usage and history.

3. Piazza del Duomo
Town squares are quite a tourist site in Italy and Trento has one such beautiful square. Piazza Del Duomo is a lovely square located in the heart of the town. It features a series of fabulous buildings and thrives with local activity. The buildings located on the square are the famous Cathedral of Trento, fascinating Casa Balduini, and Palazzo Pretorio. Additionally, at the centre of this famous square is the opulent Fountain of Neptune. The fountain is complete with statutes of a water god and his trident.

4. Duomo di Trento
​It is a famous cathedral located in the heart of Trento. The temple was and is still the primary religious structure in the city. According to history, the cathedral was constructed in the 11th century and was the seat of the bishop till 1802. The front of the cathedral has large circular rose like windows with a decorated curved door. It also has two substantial gothic towers and a series of beautiful stone statues.

There is plenty of culture and fun places to visit in Trento city. Taking a tour experience of this beautiful city will leave you mesmerised at the rich culture and history seen nowhere else in the world.