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The waterfalls in Varone

The waterfalls in Varone

Lake Garda is a hotspot for tourists, with its blue water, a perfect climate and the colourful surroundings. They delight in the little cafés and cozy restaurants and can’t get enough of the delectable food dishes and local wines. Not all tourists know about the waterfalls in Varone, yet this is a sight that has to be seen. The falls are located approximately 3 km toward Tenno, north of Riva del Garda.

It was quite the event when the falls opened on June 20, 1874. Prince Nicola of Montenegro and King John of Saxony officially introduced this historic waterfall to the public and since then millions of tourists have gaped in wonder at this extraordinarily wonder of nature.

Fed by the Magnone river, running beneath the Ravizze valley, the waterfall originates because of a leakage in Lake Tenno and plunges down the mountain some 100 meters deep. To fully appreciate the waterfall, you should view it from the two different observation points. For a small fee, you can follow the walkways and gain access to the upper viewing point via a 15 meters long manmade tunnel. The view of the Varone waterfall and surrounding areas will take your breath away. Viewing the fall from below is equally mesmerizing, but be prepared for considerable noise. All that water tumbling down makes for a deafening roar. In addition, you might get a little wet from the fine mist spray.

Before 1874 it was impossible to get close to the waterfall. The only way to see the falls up close was to risk climbing steep cliffs and then dangling from a rope to look down. Over the years skilled workers began laying down paths, build bridges and handrails. Thanks to their efforts now everybody can enjoy the Varone falls. Entrance to the falls was designed by Giancarlo Maroni, one of the most popular architects of his time. The same man who designed Gabriele D’Annunzio’s mansion in Gardone Riviera.

​If you’re feeling tired or hungry, visit the nearby park where you can relax, have a picnic or even take a nap. When you’re feeling up to it, you can visit the botanic garden and delight in plants and flowers derived from all over the world. The climb takes a bit of effort, but the experience and the view is well worth it. Afterward you can stop by the souvenir shop or enjoy a drink a the local café.