Malcesine presents itself to its visitors as a picturesque town with a great ambiance.

The small town is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots on Lake Garda and at the same time also the focus of the summer tourism.

Malcesine is located at the foot of the majestic Monte Baldo mountain range amid olive groves and offers a beautiful historic old town and a magnificent Scaliger Castle. 




Goethe, the poet, remained particularly charmed by the beauty of the Scaliger Castle, ancient structure that rises on a spur on a sheer drop to the sea.
From the towers and terraces of the castles that dominate the entire promontory, it is possible to enjoy a panorama of unmatchable beauty.
The structure of the castle dates back to the 13th century, many noble families followed in the domination of this area: first of all, Malcesine saw the Scaliger’s supremacy, which was succeeded by the Austrians.
Then there was the domination of the Visconti, and then of the Carrara family.
In conclusion, the Republic of Venice ruled the area for a long period of time, 450 years, during which the population enjoyed remarkable wealth, then the dominion fell in the hands of the Austrians until mid ‘800s.
The castle is subdivided in lower and upper palace, and the walls hide three internal courtyards.
Precious naturalist collections and antiques are preserved inside the museum located in the halls of the castle.






To climb up again the slopes of Mount Baldo comfortably and quickly, you can use the Panoramic Malcesine-Montebaldo Cableway. The facility, completely renovated, allows you to go up also by bicycle, and paragliding for who is not fond of automation.

The cableway reaches an altitude of 1760 metres; to reach a higher altitude, there is a second facility called Prada-Montebaldo chair lift. Located in the area of San Zeno di Montagna, it allows to reach an altitude of 1910 metres.

The route, which departs from Prada at 1056 metres, foresees an intermediate station at Mondini refuge at 1501 metres, to finally reach the station of Costabella.





Mount Baldo belongs to the Venetian Pre-Alps and rises between the eastern coast of Lake Garda and Vallagarina. The highest peak, Valdritta, reaches 2238 metres.
Known in the past as Hortus Europae, Mount Baldo is appreciated nowadays by fond alpinists and by simple lovers of the mountain and nature. Along its slopes, different climatic areas can be found: from the evergreen hinterland of Mediterranean type, mainly consisting of holm-oaks and olive trees, to the oak woods and chestnut trees, till beech woods and wood lilies in the highest areas.
There are numerous sports that can be practised on the slopes: trekking, horse back riding excursions, mountain bike. The cableways allow to easily reach the highest peaks, from which you can enjoy a panorama of unmatchable beauty.





A thick network of ship transports, consisting of about twenty units, allows to reach easily and in total relax, the typical places that border the banks of Lake Garda.

Lake Garda offers exclusive destinations and views of unmatchable beauty to the visitor, able to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding tourist.

Charming places that exhale calmness and serenity, creating charming atmospheres:
Punta San Vigilio and Rocca del Garda for example, offer breath-taking panoramas; small villages facing the crystal waters bring back the visitors to an atmosphere of a past time.